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Mountain Views Vacation Rentals

Mountain Views Tree House Joint offers a rare opportunity for a glamping experience, high in the trees, in one of our four amazing tree houses. Our newest, The Trippy, The Pot Leaf Tree House, The Hashtag Tree House and the 420 Tree House.  We're located one hour north east of Seattle in Monroe, WA.

Mountain Views Tree House Joint shares the farm with Buddy the horse, Eyema the donkey, four dogs Chompy, Poncho, Floof, and Bowlseye the guardian dog, Juma the swearing African grey parrot, two fainting goats Homie and Roanie, two babydoll sheep Mary Jane and Flower Pot, two alpacas Bong and Dab, a mini pig that loves to play dress up named VeggieMight, and the escape artist cat Pop Tart.  In addition, Mountain Views is VERY marijuana friendly, as if that wasn't already clear by the names of the four tree houses!

Available to host your events, retreats, reunions, small parties.

Located right next to the Cascade Loop Highway, you will be just minutes away from Wallace Falls State Park, and just a short drive away from Stevens Pass ski resort.


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